Your New Favorite Restaurant

You want to talk about a restaurant that offers great food, service, and atmosphere, 40 Strand Eatery should come to mind. In fact it should be the first thing in your head if you live or ever drop by the beautiful town of Christiansted, Virgin Islands.

Everyone Is Welcome

Tourists shouldn’t have a hard time finding us because our location is in our name: we are just along 40 Strand Street. There is no way you’ll miss the façade which exudes the world-renowned US Virgin Islands hospitality. For locals, well, we are just a walk or a short drive away—no unfamiliar roads for locals and no dark alleys for travelers.

Multi-Awarded Restaurant with a Heart

All our dishes are freshly served as we only use locally sourced ingredients. These are sustainable ingredients, which means they come from ecologically friendly sources. They are grown and processed without posing any harm to the environment. 

For our love of Mother Nature, along with our excellent food and the overall quality of our service, we have been cited multiple times by various institutions.

Meet Our Owners