40 Strand Eatery

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One look into our menu and you will realize why we are among the finest of the finest restaurants in Christiansted, Virgin Islands. But don’t take it from the menu or even the photos. Visit us today. Don’t forget to bring your family and friends!

We have something for every palate. Whether you are craving salad or seafood, you will love it here at 40 Strand Eatery!


Side Salad - 7

Mixed Greens, Cucumber, Carrot, Tomato, Honey Lime Vinaigrette

*V, GF

Buddha Bowl - 17

Quinoa, Kale, Sweet Potato, Red Onion, Garam Masala, Chickpeas, Lemon-Turmeric Tahini Dressing 


Beet Salad - 15

Arugula, Roasted Beets, Red Onion, Candied Almond, Goat Cheese, Toast Points, Lemon-Rosemary Chipotle Emulsion 

*VEG, Optional V, GF

Seared Caesar - 14 

Seared Romaine Hearts, Tomato, Red Onion, Croutons, Smoked Chili Caesar Dressing, Manchego Cheese, Cornichons 

*VEG, Optional GF 

Mushroom Ravioli - 17 

House-Made Ravioli, Fennel Cream, Herb Pesto, Parmesan Crisps, Kale Chips

Soil Add Ons

Grilled Chicken - 6 

Seared Shrimp - 9 


Build Your Own!

The Starting Point - 10

Our Proprietary 40-Strand Cheese Sauce, Elbow Macaroni and a Cheese & Crumb

The Finishers

  • Bacon - 3 
  • Shrimp - 7 
  • Chorizo - 4 
  • Beef - 6 
  • Chicken - 5 
  • Asparagus - 2 

  • Arugula - 2 
  • Mushroom - 2 
  • Tomato - 2 
  • Red Pepper - 2 

  • Green Onion - 1 
  • Chili Peppers - 2 
  • Danish Blue Cheese - 3 
  • Lobster MP - When Available 


Our most popular dishes are our specials. Make sure to inquire about today's creative dishes! 


Chicken and Dumplings - 17 

Braised Chicken, Mirepoix, Roast Garlic, Mushrooms, Velouté, Dumplings 

Fried Brie - 15

Mango Chutney, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Crostini, Honey, Candied Almonds 


Bread and Butter - 8

Local Breads, Honey Butter, Scallion Butter, Mango Butter 


BBQ Short Rib - 18

Boneless Korean Braised Short Rib, House-Made Kimchi, Sesame-Scallion Risotto, Lotus Root Chips 

Patos Tacos - 18 

Fresh Corn Tortillas, Duck Confit, Xnipek Salsa, Radicchio Slaw, Black Bean Puree, Cilantro Aioli 



Tom Kha Mussels - 16

Lemongrass - Coconut Milk Broth, Pickled Chilies, Cilantro, Grilled Bread 

*Optional GF 

Ceviche and Gazpacho - 17

Smoked Plantain Gazpacho, Spicy Conch Salad, Plantain Crisps, Microgreens 


Fettucini Pescatore - 21

Fresh Catch, Mussels, Shrimp, House-Made Pasta, Tomato White Wine Caper Sauce, Garlic Chips 

Voodoo Shrimp - 19

Habanero, Chorizo, Garlic, Onion, Spices, Banana in a Cruzan Rum Sauce, Local Jalapeno Cheddar Bread, Soft Fried Egg

*Very Spicy, Optional GF 

* Legend

1. V - VEGAN 



Be sure to save room for our scrumptious house-made desserts! 20% service charge may be added to parties of six or more and to those who do not leave their signed merchant credit card receipt. Add $.50 per takeout item.

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